Monday, November 15, 2010

Affair of the Heart

As most anyone who has known me for any considerable amount of time knows, I am quite the Rick Springfield fanatic. Only recently have begun to really rekindle my ever blossoming affection for this amazing musician. A couple of days ago "Don't Talk to Strangers" became my ring tone for my phone. Just last week I received my mint/sealed original (Chelsea Records) copy of Wait for Night (1974)!!! What a treat it was to not only hear it for the first time scratch free in 20 years, but to also share it w/ my other musicial half and true love, John. He really dug the album and pointed out that the backing musicians on the album were in fact Elton John's band of misfits. How cool is that?? Not to mention how absolutely beautiful it is to be able to listen with someone that also enjoys early Rick. *sigh*

Well, after months, if not years, of whining and sighing over the fact that 1) I have YET to meet my idol Rick Springfield and 2) that this is the 3rd year that the Rick Springfield cruise has sailed out of Miami without me, I finally decided that enough is enough! Early yesterday morning, as soon as the sun was coming up, I began to devise a plan, a financial plan, to make this important neccessary dream a staunch reality.

I grabbed the biggest jar I could find from our pantry (I save jars for seeds, beans, etc and just can't find it in my heart to throw them away!!) this huge pickle jar!!! . Every day we diligently add money to said jar. This is the official Rick jar which, once full, will get John and I to either a local concert with a Meet and Greet, or to Florida for the cruise. Either way, I know it has to be.

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  1. Heather! You don't have to wait for the next cruise to meet Rick. Next time he's playing a show near you buy a soundcheck meet and greet pass. They're $300 (yes that's a lot) but well worth it! You can purchase them through his merch store on his official website. And don't feel bad...I have missed the cruise all three years too. I'm shooting for next year though!


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