Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Harvey Milk

Yesterday would have been Harvey Milk's 79th birthday. Unfortunately, Harvey's life was cut short in November of 1978 when he was assassinated along with Mayor George Moscone in City Hall.
We will never forget all you did for the San Francisco gay community, not to mention securing the civil rights of gay/lesbian/transgender people around the world.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Back to the streets

Returning to The Streets of San Francisco
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
posted July 29, 2008

CBS is developing a contemporary remake of the classic 1970s cop series "The Streets of San Francisco," which starred Michael Douglas and Karl Malden.The Hollywood Reporter says feature writer Sheldon Turner (The Longest Yard) and "Numb3rs" producer Robert Port are writing the script, with Simon West on board to direct the potential pilot.CBS Paramount TV, which owns the rights to Quinn Martin Productions' original series, is producing the new take that has received a script order from the network.Turner and Port, a certified member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, had worked on reinventing "Streets" for the past seven months. They spent time in San Francisco, riding along with SFPD cops.The trade adds that the remake will keep key elements from the original series: the title, the names of the two main characters and, of course, the backdrop of the City by the Bay. The series will also feature elements of a traditional crime procedural.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Arboretum update

Those who can attend SHOULD! The more we sit idly by, the more they sell off our City like an auction. Please don't let it continue. Help preserve what little character San Francisco has left. BE HEARD!

Speaking of bizarre....

Wanna know just how screwball San Francisco really is?? I suggest checking out the Holy Grail of weird SF...Jack Boulware's "San Francisco Bizarro: A Guide to Notorious Sites, Lusty Pursuits, and Downright Freakiness in the City by the Bay". Here are a few of his strange entries:

One of the original drag reviews on the West Coast, Finocchio's on Broadway broke new ground with it's frighteningly convincing female impersonators. Somehow I get the feeling that the gowns were the least of the attractions!

I love this item! Mark McLoud is hardly a household name, but he happens to own an out of the ordinary collection. Also known as the "Institute of Illegal Images" it is the most comprehensive collection of decorated neutralized LSD blotter paper in the world. As such, the collection has been the target of two criminal trials where McCloud was forced to defend not only the collection, but also his own liberty.

An artist named Jeanie M. at offers an unusual service: taxidermy of a rodent nature. That's right - you can have your favorite gerbil stuffed and mounted, not to mention papally dressed, in one of many twisted religious costumes.

Where do I start with this one?? Apparently anyone can become an "ordained minister", so says the Universal Life Church. They even send you a card to stick in your wallet, right next to your Costco card. Famous members in good standing include Johnny Carson, Mae West, Wolfman Jack, and even LBJ. What's not to love?

I always wanted to write a book like this, but apparently Mr. Boulware beat me to it. Kudos to you, sir!

Bizarro - Dan Piraro

Today I thought I would share a smattering of some of my favorite Bizarro panels. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Praise to fellow blogger Peter Bruce

I don't know how many of you have noticed, but on the righthand side of my blog you'll see a column of the San Francisco blogs I currently follow. One of my favorites is titled "1 Picture. 3 Words. 365 Days." This blog, started my Bay Area wedding photographer Peter Bruce, follows a daily routine of randomly picking people on various downtown streets in the City, taking their picture, and then asking for three words from them to describe their current mood/situation. Peter even has a link to his Cafe Press store which sells everything from hats to hoodies. All profits will help publish a book of the whole project; all 365 days on day 366.


I really enjoy this blog! Every day, the photo selected reaches out to you and seems to fall into place with the rest of his collection. What a great idea - a virtual photo journal of 365 random citizens summing up their mood in three words. Brilliant.

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