Saturday, June 13, 2009!!!

From the news desk of KPIX Channel 5 come a story about one very protective bird down on Front Street:

SF Bird Attacks Pedestrians, Gets Worldwide Notice

The bird is reported to reside on Front Street between California and Sacramento streets, and has been featured in articles on CNN and BBC News after continually diving down on people walking along the street.

The bird has a small nest in the area and has been doing the attacks for a couple of weeks, according to an employee at Schroeder's, a German restaurant located nearby.

None of the attacks appear to have caused serious injury. However, they have attracted groups of people "laughing, waiting and watching during their lunch breaks," the employee said. "He's a star right now."

A Web site,, has been set up to follow the bird, referred to as Swoops by the site's creators.

An official with San Francisco Animal Care and Control said that these types of incidents happen all the time because of birds guarding their nests.

Johnny Carson and Uri Geller

Watch as Uri squirms in the presence of Johnny. Enjoy....

Never touch another dirty toilet tissue!!

How can you NOT love this?? It's real...and it frightens me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where am I?


Well, when I started this blog three months ago I was happily unemployed, but really needing an outlet (not to mention a supplemental income!!). Since going back to work, you have no doubt noticed the sluggishness in which posts are made. Honestly, I have been drawn to other avenues of my life, mainly work and home. I have also began toying with the idea of expanding this blog to include all things ME. I have far too many interests to maintain 20 different blogs, so look for more and more "off the beaten path" entries as well!! Never fear, though, new posts are coming!! Stay tuned....

Until then, enjoy this hilarious short clip of the infamous bush man at Fisherman's Wharf courtesy of

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