Thursday, April 16, 2009

Get A-Long, Doggie Diner

I have wonderful childhood memories of the Doggie Diner out by the beach. The site has long since been sold and was known as "Carousel" throughout most of my teenage years, yet the Doggie head remained. Then, in early 2000 hundreds of San Franciscans rallied to preserve the Doggie, as it was set to be demolished. A measure was put before the Board of Supervisors because apparently a local garden center wanted the property for a parking lot. You mean to tell me they couldn't scoot one parking place over to accommodate Mr. Doggie Diner??

What I find even sillier is how the supes were locked in such heated discussion regarding this obvious SF landmark, and how some of them even said labeling it a "landmark" would be lowering our standards....where do they find these people?

To me, there was no argument. How could you even consider destroying that symbol of summer beach days and childhood Playland frolic? He is PURE San Francisco.

Luckily, the doggie was eventually rescued, and moved (of course, as stupid as it sounds) to his new home at 45th Ave & Sloat Blvd. You can even find at and the actual Doggie Diner website.

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