Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hi Kids / Bye Kids!

I found myself prowling through youtube the other night (I believe just about everyone is guilty of that nowadays) and found myself sitting face to face with some of the most memorable local commercials ever. I tip my hat to three UHF channels:

KBHK Channel 44 San Francisco
KOFY Channel 20 San Francisco
KICU Channel 36 San Jose

Each of these stations brought us the best and the worst in local tv pitchmen. Who doesn't remember Cal Worthington and his dog Spot, Pete Ellis Dodge, Don Young Ford (what a guy!), and the slew of carpet and furniture stores! Carpeteria, MMM Carpets, The Saw Mill (Marty Sherman and George) and below is one of the most memorable late night furniture salesmen, Ed Barbara of Furniture USA whose supposed "joke" commercial was never supposed to air, but it did, costing him his job, and I suspect much more:

But seriously folks, no list like this would be complete without our beloved "King of Credit", Mr. Jewelry himself, the most recognizable face of the, not the Shane Company, it's...

Paul from the Diamond Center, of course.

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