Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lollipop Concerts

As a child, it was my good fortune to attend Catholic grammar school (insert nod or laughter here). One of the many perks this status provided was the opportunity to attend one of the San Francisco Symnphony's many children's concerts. I honestly don't know how many they actually had that were geared towards kids, but it seemed the only one they ever took us to was "Peter and the Wolf".

Why they were called lollipop concerts I never understood - no free lollipops were distributed and no lollipops were down on stage making music - I am pretty sure those were in fact people. Maybe it was because we were all "suckers" for having to go. Perhaps it was just a code word that meant "this is a kid friendly concert!" But then I am left to wonder, what sort of concert could the S.F. Symphony POSSIBLY present that was NOT child-friendly? Were there some sort of midnight performances at the Market Street Cinema that none of us were aware of?

I remember absolutely nothing about the concerts we went to, all I remember was the vastness of Davies Symphony Hall, getting lost (twice), and all that glass.

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  1. I remember going to the Nutcracker next door and thinking, "This is boring!"


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