Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For love of coffee

Last time I was in San Francisco was back in 2007. I was living just north of Boston at the time and had traveled back home to take care of some unfortunate family business. While passing through SFO, imagine my surprise to find a Peet's coffee kiosk tucked away at the end of one of the terminals!! It was been so long since I had enjoyed a true cup of coffee (New England is Dunkin' Donuts country). I think I sort of freaked out the girl behind the counter when I gleefully exclaimed, "You have no idea how happy I am to see you!!!" Still, she was more than cordial, and within moments I was indulging in a cup o' joe so thick that had I used a spoon, it would have surely disintegrated. Lucky for me, Peet's is now available at my local Kroger market in whole bean form here in Raleigh!

I mention this because today I go to work for one of the biggest coffee conglomerates in the known universe, Starbucks. Although I am the last to admit to being a fan of corporate coffee, I definitely look forward to surrounding myself with one of my favorite guilty pleasures. But still, I miss my hometown brew.

Luckily, there are a few very well-reviewed local coffee roasters worth checking out should you ever find yourself in need of something unique and tasty:

Blue Bottle Coffee
315 Linden St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 252-7535

Numerous reviews say this locally micro-roasted organic coffee is tops. This would definitely be one of my first stops.

Philz Coffee
Three locations in the city, including the Castro, the Mission, and Mission Bay
Also coming soon to San Jose and Berkeley

Philz Coffee in San Francisco has developed a devoted following, and for good reason. The twenty blends that are now available by the pound are the result of 25 years of coffee alchemy and invention. How can a true coffee connoisseur resist?

Peet's Coffee and Tea
Various locations nationwide

Alfred Peet first started roasting the seedlings of the coffee revolution in his tiny location on Vine Street in Berkeley back in 1966. Today, his coffee is availble throughout the United States and has never lost its unique body or zesty aroma. This is coffee to swear by, and believe me I do, on a daily basis.

This list is far from complete, so it's really up to you to get out there and support your local coffeehouse to find that "perfect cup o' joe" and when you do, feel free to email me at hcstockham@msn.com because I never know when I will be back in my hometown, jonesing for java!

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