Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Cookies RIP 1914-2008

Old news for some, a shocking realization for others

As many of you are well aware by now, or if some of you are wondering why you haven't been able to find a package of iced oatmeal cookies on local Safeway shelves, Mother's Cookies of Oakland, CA bought the farm last October when bankruptcy swept them up and away, along all of our favorite treats as kids, like Circus Animals, Taffy, and the almighty most delicious Flaky Flix.

According to cookie legend, Mother's was founded in 1914 by a newspaper vendor named N.M. Wheatley, as a one-man shop. It expanded and moved to the 81st Avenue location in 1949.

Throughout the 1990s, up until their abrupt closure in 2008 Mother's had been handed of to many different owners and from what I have heard is currently owned by Kelloggs but whether or not these timeless treats will be put back into production is still in question.

I don't know how I can live in a world without Flaky Flix! It was pure genius - crispy wafers with chocolate creme in between , covered in milk chocolate, and THEN rolled in some sort of Corn Flake mixture. Sheer bliss.

Doesn't Kellogg's make Corn Flakes? Hmmmm.....


  1. "The Kellogg Company acquired the Mother's Cookies trademark and recipes in December 2008 with plans to reintroduce the name in mid-2009."

    However...Nabisco has just come out with "Nabisco Classics"...which, if my memory serves me, are Mother's cookies...

    Kraft owns Nabisco and General Foods owns Kraft and Kellogg's had a brother who started Post and Phillip Morris Tobacco (Altira, Inc) owns all of them and Warren Buffet just bought 8% of all of it and Kraft has been spun-off to it's own stock entity and...whewww, I can't keep up with it!!!

  2. Oh, and Mother's had bought Archway (or the other way around!) and now Lance has bought Archway...Archway had those great cookies that came out at Christmas only...the wedding cookies with lots of powered sugar, the nougats with lots of powdered sugar and little fruit cake cookies. Lance says, well, look here...


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