Monday, May 11, 2009

Here we go again

I seem to remember a time back in the 1990s when MUNI attempted to get rid of transfers....are you laughing as hard as I am? Those sure were funny times. I think it lasted about a month and soon peace was restored on all MUNI lines. Thousands of us public transit riders breathed a sigh of relief and foolishly thought they had learned their lesson.

Not hardly.

With the City's budget out of whack, and overpaid underworked bigwigs doing everything in their power to maintain their 6 figure incomes, it's now been proposed that MUNI cut several routes and raise fares, thus you will be paying more for less. Weren't we doing that already? I was very surprised to see that the fare had jumped to $1.50 already! When was this??? Now they want to hike it up another 50 cents to $2.00?? Really?

Last month, the agency proposed to cut several lines altogether, such as the 3-Jackson, 4-Sutter, 7-Haight, 20-Columbus, 26-Valencia. The Examiner reported on May 1st that all proposed route eliminations and fare hikes (including a $60 monthly Fast Pass) were approved. Awww, come on!!

There goes another piece of the City.

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