Friday, May 15, 2009

Pip, pip, cheerio!!

About 12 years ago I briefly dated this scientist who had a penchant for the Beatles and carried about 25 patents. We have since parted ways, but at the time weekends were spent cruising up and down the California coast in search of rare gems. Cameron's in Half Moon Bay was one of them.

This place was like nothing I had ever seen. Thousands of beer cans from all over the world covered the walls (see Pictures tab on the website). As you walked in, you immediately felt as though you'd been born there. What a home away from home.

Out back, Cameron's offers a rather unusual array of old double decker buses from London. These buses are open to the public, and you are free to enjoy a drink and/or a smoke inside these UK treasures. They are actually set up as mini diners inside with tables and seats.

Cameron's in also a bed and breakfast offering charming rooms at a reasonable price.


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